Plastic Surgery Resource Info

The plastic surgery urged to eliminate cosmetology defects and to give to appearance of the person attractive aesthetic forms, emphasizing natural advantages of appearance. For today the beauty is not only a question of genes. For the last years cosmetic interventions and surgical technologies have gained the wide spread occurrence and become more successful.

Nose plastic surgery is the operation aimed at change of the form and (or) the sizes of an external nose. The operation purpose is both changes of appearance of the nose form, and appearance change as a whole, which is regarded by the patient as improvement. Nose surgery is also intended for elimination of congenital defects and deformation of an external nose, and also for liquidation of traumas' consequences.

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In plastic surgery face is the central and very important part, because people first look at the person's face and all defects are visible at once. Facial plastic surgery is the aesthetic (cosmetic) operations, eliminating some signs of the face and neck ageing and allowing to reach the general rejuvenation of person's appearance. Facial surgery also includes such procedures, as botox, brow lift, cleft lip repair, face lift and so on.

Ideal breast is a dream of millions of women, but it can lose its beauty with the years, after pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss and other factors. That's why in plastic surgery breast operations are so widespread. Breast surgery can help to enlarge or reduce the breast size and also to improve the form.

In plastic surgery liposuction is one of the most popular operation. This procedure allows to reduce or eliminate local clusters of fat and it can be applied for improvement of contours and appearance of all body.

Plastic surgery for men is not less popular, than for women. Men usually choose the following in cosmetic plastic surgery: body lift, botox, gynecomastia, scar revision and others.

Earlier celebrity plastic surgery was only a prerogative for stars. Plastic surgery cost was very high for common people. But today with the development of cosmetic surgery methods and raise of number of aesthetic surgery clinics it becomes more and more accessible. Plastic surgery has many positive aspects, but it is a serious decision which needs proper thinking. Before daring at operation, it is necessary to lead medical examination and choose a reliable clinic. It is also desirable to read the special literature and view plastic surgery before and after photo galleries.